Coastman 2020 – 14.08.20

Coastman 2020 - 14.08.20

Kjære deltager Coastman NM 70.3 har i dag fått lokal godkjenning av Smittevernlege til å kjøre arrangementet ... [..]

Pre-race Meeting Costman 2021

Pre-race Meeting Costman 2021

Please note that there will not be a pre-race meeting on Saturday. Due to Covid-19 restrictions a short outdoor ... [..]

Race Brief sent out 09.08

Race Brief sent out 09.08

Please check your mail for race brief [..]

About us

This is a no fuzz straight forward quick and exciting triathlon in beautiful surroundings.People out here are also straight forward and no fuzz.

Race info

The Race Manual will provide you with all the necessary information for Coastman Norway Triathlon 2022.

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