Yvonne Torgersen Hetlevik

Finance director

Yvonne is our financial alibi. Give Yvonne a spreadsheet and she can perform miracles. Throughout her career she has successfully runned companies within subsea/offshore, mechanics and electro / installations.

For her achievements she was in 2008 rewarded with Sunniva prisen from Bergen Næringsråd as the most aspiring female leader in Hordaland
Yvonne is Finance Director in Paadriverne As who organizes Coastman Norway
Yvonne loves to train cross strenght and go biking on the road or in terrain. She is part of the strong female cohesion at Ck Sotra.
Yvonne was part of the organizing comitte for the national bike time trial championships in 2008 and 2012, and she in the board of directors for the World Championships Bergen 2017.